Calico receives "20 Year Milestone Achievement Award" from City of Lincolnton & Lincoln Co. Salerno, GM, accepted t...

About Calico Coatings

Across numerous high-performance industries, Calico Coatings is applying coatings that can withstand extreme pressure, reduce friction and wear and save fuel. Calico's arsenal of coatings include PECVD, DLC, PVD, TiN, ceramic, Teflon®, thermal, non-stick dry film lubricants and more.

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Calico Coatings R&D

Calico's coating solutions provide customers with the needed advantage for outstanding results. It all starts with Calico's dedication to quality and R&D.

Client Testimonials

Racing is the proving ground for all of our coatings. Under the extreme conditions of high speed and engine wear, Calico gives race teams a critical edge.