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If you know of someone who would enjoy a job like this, please send them our way. They do not necessarily need previous experience but do need to demonstrate a strong work ethic and team orientation in previous jobs.

We're always looking for the right people and only hire the best. As a growth-oriented, technology-driven company with a passion for winning and dependability, we are looking for individuals who share our vision and dedication to performance excellence. Whether we have an open coatings careers position or not, we are interested in talking with you.

At Calico Coatings, every employee is critical to creating a team of "A Players" who work together to serve our customers with excellence.

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Current Openings

Thick Films Shop Technician - 2nd Shift
The shop technician is responsible for effectively working within the Thick Films department in a way that meets customer quality and on-time delivery expectations. They will work with members of the Production, Quality, Customer Service and Sales teams to provide the best possible turnaround time and quality standards for our customers.

The shop technician will be focused on delivering the highest quality products and services Calico Coatings customers are accustomed to receiving by following maintenance schedules, order processing instructions and process flow maps to achieve the best possible completed part, on time, every time.

  • Part preparation activities
    • Load, clean, unload (disassemble and reassemble if needed)
    • Maintain cleaning equipment per PM schedules (titration, maintenance and cleaning)
    • Maintain Titration logs and cleaning logs when working on phosphate production
  • Blasting and part prep activities
    • Mask and plug parts as work orders indicate
    • Blast parts per instructions
    • Maintain blasting cabinets (replace, add and dispose media; replace gloves, nozzles, hoses, etc.)
    • Read and maintain work order paperwork
    • Quality Control check finished parts (visual standards)
  • Support and Miscellaneous activities
    • Maintain clean work area
    • Stock supplies as needed (keep cabinets and work area organized)
    • Assist sprayers and other teammates as needed
    • Keep OSHA training current as required for position

  • Basic reading and math skills
  • Ability to multi-task as required
  • Ability to follow instructions and deliver work on time per production standards
  • Quality oriented
  • Team player
  • Good attendance and punctuality required

Success Factors:

  • Stay ahead of schedule with part prep and blasting requirements
  • Minimal rejects from department and/or quality
  • Equipment kept clean and maintained, producing minimal rejects
  • Minimum rejects from spray booth
  • Positive supervisor and quality feedback
  • Attend 100% shop meetings

"Race teams are the most demanding clients that we have. They're going racing every weekend with or without us, and it's our job to make sure we can supply the teams with what they need, when they need it."
~ Tracy Trotter
Owner, Calico Coatings

"It is not only the friendly people that I spend my days with at Calico Coatings that I enjoy, but I also thrive for the high standard for quality and customer service that we continuously strive to provide."
~ Brandi W.
Calico Coatings

"Working at Calico Coatings is challenging, yet rewarding. There is always the opportunity to learn more about coatings and the industries we service. I love the welcoming atmosphere, it truly feels like a work "family". The best part about my job is offering specialized service to our customers."
~ Aleshia D.
Calico Coatings