Coatings provide added performance and protection, often solving issues at a reasonable cost. Calico also offers unmatched technical knowledge to help with the selection and application of your coatings needs, plus much more.

Calico's CT-1 dry film lubricant used on engine bearings, valve springs, oil pump gears, timing and transmission gears is 0.0002" to 0.0004" thick and generally does not require extra clearances. A benefit of Calico coated bearings is the allowance for tighter clearances. Keeping in mind that bearing clearances of .002" to .003" are typical for high performance applications.

Calico's CT-3 dry film lubricant used on pistons is 0.0005" to 0.001' thick. With many different piston materials on the market today, there are no typical clearances. However, CT-3 coated pistons can be installed with tighter clearances than uncoated pistons. Tighter piston-to-wall clearance will result in faster sealing and longer ring life, with less loss of power due to blow-by or for partially sealed rings.

PVD coatings are extremely thin, as they are applied to your parts on average 3 to 3.5 microns thick. PECVD coatings are applied on average of 2 to 2.5 microns. Applying these high performance coatings to precisely engineered parts ensures that tolerances and fits won't be affected and that they will fit back together perfectly. Although these coatings are thin, they are not thin on performance.

Calico's CT-2 ceramic thermal barrier and CT-5 oil shedding, corrosion resistant coatings are virtually permanent.

Calico's CT-1 and CT-3 dry film lubricants are "sacrificial" in nature and eventually wear out. But rather than wearing out the engine part, the coating absorbs the wear — saving you time and money on expensive engine parts. It is also possible to re-coat and further extend the life of the coated parts at a fraction of the replacement cost (i.e. pistons, etc.).

PVD/PECVD coatings are highly corrosion resistant and virtually permanent. It has been proven that the actual part will wear out long before the coating does. These coatings extend your tool/part life and can help your company realize significant savings in replacement costs and in helping your mean time between occurrences.

Engine Parts:
Engine bearings, pistons, oil pumps, combustion chambers, exhaust ports & valves, exhaust systems, transmissions & shifter, rear ends, wheel bearing races and many others.

Gun Parts:
Gun barrels, bolt carrier groups, hammers, magazines and many others.

Tire molds, vacuum plates, injection molds & components, along with various other industrial and fabrication parts.

There are many "hidden" benefits to using Calico Coatings. Engine builders using CT-1 coated engine bearings save time and effort during rebuilds by not having to change and refit new engine bearings. CT-1 coated engine bearings have greatly extended service life over uncoated bearings. Engine builders have also seen reduced damage in engines from heat and lubrication-related failures.

Coated transmission and rear end housings as well as gears and shafts reduce operating temperatures by 30 degrees or more. Coating heat shields, cowlings, air cleaner housings, and exhaust systems reduces under-hood temperatures. Coating brake pads, calipers, and caliper pistons extends pad life and reduces or eliminates boiling of the brake fluid. The list goes on and on.

Calico Coatings is a bearing warehouse as well as a performance coatings facility. Nearly all bearing orders are shipped same day. Most other coating operations take up to 8-12 days. For faster service please call first. Calico Coatings will be glad to help!

All of Calico's coatings are economically priced. In many instances, engine builders and car owners have saved considerably more by using coatings than the initial cost of having parts coated.

"Race teams are the most demanding clients that we have. They're going racing every weekend with or without us, and it's our job to make sure we can supply the teams with what they need, when they need it."
~ Tracy Trotter
Owner, Calico Coatings