Teflon Coatings

Calico Coatings provides many different PTFE®, FEP®, PFA®, etc. coatings also known as Teflon®. These coating formulations are made up of a carbon and fluorine application that has many different benefits including abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion protection and low coefficient of friction.

Teflon® is most commonly known for its cookware application but is also a great coating to use in any industry because of its ability to adapt to a wide range of materials. For example, industrial manufacturers use Teflon® to gain advantages in production processes while also gaining the cosmetic advantage of using Teflon®. While all Teflon® coatings are considered "non-stick" coatings, the process times vary depending on the substrate of the part being coated and the cure temperatures involved for that specific formulation. Calico knows how critical it is to accurately prepare the part in order to have a successfully finished part after coating.

So, how can Teflon® directly benefit you and your business needs? Our Teflon® coatings can decrease production time and increase profitability in many applications through a decrease in periodic maintenance of essential parts. Teflon® also increases the part lifespan due to its lubricous nature. An increase in lifespan from the Teflon® coating helps businesses increase product revenue while decreasing downtime and cycle times resulting in an increase in overall production. Additional advantages of Teflon® include, but are not limited to, non-wetting, heat resistance and unique electrical properties.

We can determine the best possible fit of Calico's Teflon® coating to satisfy your business goals through specific research of your needs and application use.