"Kalashnikov USA is a Firearms company in South Florida. Last August we were sourcing a new Manganese Phosphate Plater and tried a company called Calico Coatings in North Carolina and have had so much success with them ever since. The quality and service are exceptional. We are so grateful to have Aleshia Davis as an account manager. She goes above and beyond to accommodate all our demanding requests. If you are in the market for a new plater, please try Calico Coatings — they will exceed your expectations. We look forward to our continuous growth with them."
~ Tara Caroselli, Purchasing Manager at Kalashnikov-USA

"At Kroyer Racing Engines we constantly strive to provide our racers with winning power and reliability. In the extremely harsh world of off-road racing we rely on Calico Coatings to delivery what our customers demand, and the team at Calico Coating has never let us down. Calico’s team combines technical expertise and the quick turnaround so we can deliver race winning engines on schedule."
~ Richard Rapone, Kroyer Racing Engines

"When it comes to Volkswagens, I’d settle for nothing but the best. To start my engine I want to have Calico coated bearings. I sent these to them and they came back with the perfect protection"
~ VW Moses