Calico Coatings Announces New Coating Systems and Automated Cleaning Line

Denver, NC (11/19/20) Calico Coatings has added state of the art, large capacity, PVD-PACVD machines to the Denver, NC facility. These are the 3rd and 4th Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating systems brought to the facility to meet the increasing demand for high quality DLC coatings supplied by Calico. Calico has also added an automated cleaning line to streamline the quality and production processes for DLC/PVD coatings. The machines are among the most advanced DLC coating systems in the world. They deposit extremely high quality, consistent DLC coatings using patented technology. These machines are capable of depositing PACVD diamond like carbon coatings, PVD coatings and WCC (tungsten carbide carbon) coatings on a wide variety of substrates at temperatures as low as 300F.

About Calico Coatings
In 1997, Calico Coatings was founded by racers, for racers. Tracy Trotter, owner and a racer himself, set out to develop the industry's most technologically advanced coatings — with the ability to withstand the extreme conditions of high speed and engine wear. Calico quickly gained a reputation as the leader in the coatings industry by working with race teams and engine builders to solve issues of friction, wear, heat and corrosion.

Today, their coating knowledge and expertise is in demand across numerous industries including the U.S. Military, aerospace, molds and dies, diesel engine and others. In these industries where performance is everything, Calico's coatings provide the needed edge for outstanding results. Whatever performance challenges you face, Calico offers a coating solution. The Calico Coatings lineup includes DLC, PVD, PECVD, TeflonĀ®, and thermal coatings as well as non-stick dry film lubricants and break-in lubricants. Calico Coatings, 5883 Balsom Ridge Road, Denver, NC 28037, Tech Line: 704.483.2202,