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Top 5 Reasons to Partner with Calico

#1 Customer experience "The Calico Way"
Our service model is of the highest caliber and customer service is one of Calico's most important priorities. That's because we understand the importance of working with customers to fully understand their needs so we can customize the right coating solution. When a trained specialist communicates with our customers, they see them as an "individual" rather than a "client." Whether you are interested in DLC, PVD, PECVD, Teflon® or any other performance coating, Calico's trained specialists will advise you on the right choice for your application. But it doesn't end there. Any Calico customer knows they are free to call or stop by if they have an issue or need a solution. If a trained specialist isn't available right away, you can be assured that they will contact you as soon as possible.

#2 Calico's "A Team"
Calico is always looking for "A" Players who will uphold The Calico Way. As a growth-oriented, technology-driven company with a passion for winning, Calico only hires the best and most dependable candidates. We look for individuals who share our vision and dedication to performance excellence in providing each customer with the best quality and service on the market. Every employee is critical to creating a successful team who can work together to serve every customer with excellence.

#3 Performance solutions across many industries
Although Calico is a company that was founded by racers, for racers, our expertise goes well beyond racing. We are present and effective in 11 industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Diesel, Energy, General Manufacturing, Marine, Military, Motorsports, Nuclear, and Oil and Gas. Calico has10 categories of coatings and over 50 coating solutions that fall under those categories. Our coating solutions provide a wide range of protection and advantages to engineers and manufacturers worldwide. Many factors are taken into account to determine the effectiveness of our coatings, the methods of application and performance properties. Calico's coatings are accessible too. You can find a list of our coatings and detailed technical data sheets for each coating on the website— including applicable substrates, operating temperatures, thicknesses and so much more.

#4 Quality coatings
Calico is AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our knowledge and expertise continue to advance in demanding industries that require the highest performance and quality standards to be met. That's why Calico has created an arsenal of coatings that provide the needed edge for outstanding results and we've backed it up with a quality system to give our customers peace of mind for every application.

#5 Turnaround time
Time is valuable and your time is significant to Calico. Our team of dedicated "A Players" capitalize on their unbeatable 24-hour to 72-hour delivery on many applications. Turnaround time is key at Calico so that the customer is always able to stay on schedule in today's demanding business environment.