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Coatings for Better Diesel Engine Performance and Fuel Savings

Coated engine parts are proven to significantly increase fuel economy up to 15%. This means that one over-the-road truck driving an average of 100,000 miles per year could save as much as 2,500 gallons/yr. (at 6 miles per gallon). Based on an average Diesel fuel rate of $4.00/gallon, that would mean a savings of $10,000 per truck per year!

Fleets and owner-operators who use Calico’s diesel engine coatings on their engine parts see an average benefit of 40 degrees reduction in oil temperatures, 2-3 additional pounds of oil pressure, significantly less wear on bearings and an MPG increase of 3-5%. All of this translates into increased horsepower and fuel economy. The Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel has caused engines to experience less fuel mileage, piston cracking and melting in extreme conditions. Diesel engines with ULSD as a base fuel and a thermal coating on the engine have a thermal energy increase. Calico thermal coatings protect metallic components and lead to a significant reduction of heat transfer from high temperature gas to metal surfaces.

There are multiple of Calico’s diesel engine coatings that can provide a more effective and even fuel burn throughout the combustion chamber resulting in a consistently higher temperature inside the chamber – this equals energy that can be converted into horsepower.

The Calico PVD CrN coating is an exceptional coating that produces lubricity and is wear resistant. Calico PVD CrN coating has low residual stress and provides the best pliancy of any PVD coatings. Calico CrN PVD coating is abrasive resistant for metal-on-metal wear and galling. This makes it an exceptional PVD coating for automotive parts.

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coatings have been widely successful in the commercial industry because of the unique properties, such as: increased hardness, coefficient of friction, roughness, adhesion level, load carrying capacity, humidity resistance, fatigue tolerance, and more. The diamond crystal structure in the DLC coating produces extreme hardness, where the graphite crystal structure allows the DLC coating to also be soft and lubricious. All these factors make DLC coatings an excellent choice for fuel injection system components, such as plungers, solenoids, thrust plates, needles etc. These coatings can be deposited at temperatures under 180° C and can be deposited with a high degree of control of the coating thickness.

Two of the primary coatings applied to engine bearing and pistons are Calico CT-1 and CT-3:

CT-1 Dry Film Lubricant is used on bearings to help reduce friction and abrasive wear. It provides intermittent dry lubrication and is not affected by dust or dirt. CT-1 is specifically engineered to withstand the extreme conditions of today’s high-performance engines.

CT-3 Dry Film Lubricant coating is applied to piston skirts to provide intermittent dry lubrication that reduces scuffing, friction, and adhesive wear. Coating thickness can be varied to suit the application. Typical coating thickness for piston skirts is 1 to 1.5 mil (12 to 37 microns).

Calico's coatings provide the needed edge for outstanding results. Their coating knowledge and expertise is in demand across numerous industries including the U.S. Military, aerospace, molds and dies, diesel engine and others. In these industries where performance is everything, Whatever performance challenges you face, Calico offers a coating solution. Calico Coatings, 5883 Balsom Ridge Road, Denver, NC 28037, Tech Line: 704.483.2202, CalicoCoatings.com.